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You are looking for Vietnamese foods, especially noodle? First time, most people think that noodle from the North of Vietnamese. But you should know that you can find noodles wherever in Vietnam. This report, please look at Viet food from the South: My Tho noodle.

Discover one of Vietnamese food coming from the South of Vietnam

Each tourist destination has its own beauty and attraction that not mixed to the other. Once, visiting Tien Giang, we not only have a careful look of its landscape but also enjoy the most attractive specialities in this place. It is a pity that you miss them. Among of the specialities, it cannot help mentioning My Tho noodle which is famed for centuries, rejoicing all tourists to Tien Giang.

My Tho food
My Tho noodle

It is no exaggeration to say that Northern noodle, Hue noodle and My Tho noodle are the the three representatives of three regions of Vietnam (the North, the Middle and the South). Besides Nam Vang noodle and Sa Dec noodle, My Tho noodle is one of the three most famous noodles of the South.

At first glance, My Tho noodle and others are alike in their ingredients which include noodle, broth and some addition such as boiled egg, barbecued pork and boiled liver. However, we can distinguish clearly My Tho noodle from others when we enjoy ourselves a hot bowl of it.

It is the secret recipe which made My Tho noodle be different and it starts from choosing ingredient. To have a delicious bow of noodle, we have to choose noodle made of Go Cat rice – the best qualified rice in Tien Giang. As observing the noodle making process, we will understand what makes Tien Giang noodle be delicious and attractive. It is extremely sophisticated to make the broth. Pork tibia is stewed with dried shrimps, sugar beets and dried squids. However, to make distinguish taste, there are secret spices in traditional recipe.

Some noodle restaurants in My Tho are sketchy but crowded whenever it is either sunny or not. Sometimes, only such restaurants and street vendors keep the traditional secret recipe. Therefore, “do not judge the book by its cover” because you can wrong and you can miss a chance to enjoy the famous delicious noodle of My Tho.

Besides exploring landscapes, we ourselves have experience and enjoy the local specialities, which are interesting things for travelers. When mentioning Tien Giang, we immediately link to My Tho noodle. Thus, if we have a chance to visit Tien Giang, do not forget to enjoy the delicious noodle and show it off to your family and friends.

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