Visit Hon Kem – Da Dung, Hiep Duc District

Hon Kem – Da Dung, one of the most attractive landscapes of Vietnam, is located in upper Thu Bon River, Hiep Duc District, Quang Nam Province. The romantic and poetic sceneries of Hon Kem – Da Dung have been shown in the song from generation to generation.

Look up to the Hon Kem – Da Dung Mountain

I miss my parents more than anything

If you miss your parents, come back home

And should not do in case of missing the mountain.

One sight of Hon Kem - Da Dung
One sight of Hon Kem – Da Dung

Nowadays, once almost tourist attractions have been commercialized gradually, people intentionally find pristine areas. If you love exploring nature, looking back to the childhood with gentle countryside river, honest villagers, but numerous adventurous and exciting actions, you should not miss the destination of Hon Kem – Da Dung.

It takes you almost 2 hours to get the transit stop on Thu Bon bank by road trip from Da Nang city and 1 hour by marine trip from Trung Phuoc Communes. Then, you will take 20 minutes on a fisherman’s boat to reach Hon Kem – Da Dung where is impressive but peaceful with a gentle river between two ranges of majestic mountain. It is a rare tour that offers tourist both sightseeing and natural immersion with closed view of wild animals and birds. Especially, you have experience in honest villagers’ life. Along with the banks, there are the immense white sand stretches and fishermen are rowing and fishing on boats while farmers are hoeing up grounds and planting trees. Hon Kem – Da Dung is not only a famous landscape but also a particular image of Vietnam’s countryside.

Fisherman activity on the river, Hon Kem - Da Dung
Fisherman activity on the river, Hon Kem – Da Dung

The song is not unintentionally handed down to posterity but its sounds make Hiep Duc residents be proud of its history. Hon Kem – Da Dung is also a historical witness in the struggle against French colonialist empire. The Can Vuong movement and Nguyen Duy Hieu movement are still a historical mark.

It is pleasure and satisfied to expose into the ranges of mountain, enjoy with birds, immerse into cool water, look up blue sky, have gossip with friends in this place in summer. This is not only relaxing tour but also an experience to learn, to feel a beautiful life and to love our country.

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