Group of Vietnamese Ethnics

Ethnics and their languages are two indispensable sides of people development process. In that process, languages not only represent characteristics of the ethnic, but it also reflects, conserves as well as transmit values of the cultures. Besides, languages are the mean of integration, the connection among many ethnic groups of people. The Vietnamese ethnics are arranged in 8 groups of different ethnic languages which are: Vietic, Austroasiatic, Tai–Kadai, Hmong–Mien, Malayo-Polynesia, Tibeto-Burman, Sinitic and Kadai language groups.

Minority Ethnic people in Sapa, Vietnam
Minority Ethnic people in Sapa, Vietnam
A. Vietnamese Ethnics – Austroasiatic cultural language

1. Vietic language group: Includes Kinh, Muong, Tho and Cheut ethnic. [Vietnamese Ethnic]

2. Austroasiatic language group: Includes Khmer, Bahnar, Sedang, Koho, H’re, Mnong, Stieng, Bru, Katu, Gie – Trieng, Khmu, Cor, Ta Oi, Cho ro, Khang, Xinh Mun, Mang, Brao, O Du, Ro Mam ethnics. [Vietnamese Ethnic]

3. Tai–Kadai language group: Includes Tay, Thai, Nung, San Chay, Giay, Lao, Lu, Bouyei ethnics.

4. Hmong–Mien language group: Consist of Hmong, Yao, Pa Then ethnics.

B. Vietnamese Ethnics – Austronesian cultural language

5. Malayo-Polynesia language group: Includes Cham, Chu-ru, Jarai, Rhade, Roglai ethnics.

C. Vietnamese Ethnic – Sino-Tibetan cultural language

6. Tibeto-Burma language group: Includes Hani, Lahu, Phu La, Yi, Phunoi, Si La ethnics
7. Sinitic language group: Consist of Overseas Chinese, Hakka Chinese, San Diu ethnics.
8. In addition to 3 big groups of cultural languages above, there are some other languages named the Kadai cultural language group that includes Gelao, Lachi, Laha, Pubiao ethnics.

In general, with 54 ethnics, Vietnam has a diverse culture in all aspects. We will together explore the characteristics of each ethnic in the next posts!

Learn Vietnamese words:

ethnic: dân tộc

cultural language: ngôn ngữ văn hóa

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