[Words] Gia đình (Family)

We are studying Vietnamese words in family topic. View Vietnamese Easy to take a tour in Vietnamese247.com. Below is some words about members in a family includes words which describe their names/roles in the family, status and related to wedding. (More text and full video… Read More


    Màu sắc   Colour    Học các màu khác nhau trong tiếng Việt. Learn different colours in Vietnamese   đa màu sắc (Đa sắc màu) multicoloured   đây là màu gì? what colour is it?   màu bạc silver hoặc silver-coloured   màu da cam… Read More

[Numbers] Số

  Learning how to say numbers in Vietnamese will help you much when talking with Vietnamese especially when you buy something.     Số Number Học cách nói con số trong tiếng Việt Learn how to say numbers in Vietnamese SỐ ĐẾM CARDINAL NUMBERS 0… Read More