Vietnam economic and environmental news 2016

Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia. Our neighboring countries includes China in the North, Laos and Cambodia in the West and the East Sea in the East. As Vietnam is a long and narrow country, its climate conditions vary considerably with the temperatures ranging between 20°C and 35°C. Its population reached 91.3 million people in 2015.


Vietnam joins TPP
Vietnam joins TPP – Prime Minister Vu Huy Hoang in right (Collected photo)

We have a good news of the economy in the turn of 2016. Vietnam officially joined in TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership – the most crucial Free Trade in the 21 century) on February 4th, 2016. Joining TPP, Vietnam benefits more than other members countries because of many opportunities of commercial improvement toward transparency and global standard. Taking the comparative advantages of the country of origin and low-cost labor, Vietnam might promote economic growth, develop commerce and attract investment from the neighboring countries, members and non-members alike which have mutual trade relations. It is expected that Vietnam will have a great step forward for developing and advanced economies next year.


On the other hand, there have been a lot of serious environmental problems in this year. There was the huge environmental disaster in the central coast 3 months ago. Hundreds tons of dead fish along 200 km of seashore were caused by billions dollars steel plant in Ha Tinh Province. Besides, big rivers have been also polluted, for instance, Dong Nai River. A great number of fish in fish farms along big rivers died. The reasons of dead fish whether the waste water from factories or high density growth have not known. And, dead fish was found in Ho Chi Minh City, in Nhieu Loc Thi Nghe canal in May. According to the Tuoi Tre news, 70 tons was the number of dead fish in this canal.

What we are mentioning above shows that our economy develops while our environment gets worse. To have a sustainable development, we must put importance in environment as well as economy. Nowadays, Vietnam pays attention to environmental protection and aims to sustainable development.

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