Vieng market- the quintessence of Vietnamese culture

Nam Dinh is considered as the second capital of Tran dynasty. Nam Dinh province attracts many visitors with a series of palaces, citadels and ramparts. Besides natural tourism, Nam Dinh held cultural tourism such as Vieng market, Phu Giay community, Tran temple and so on. Here are some special experiences of the most famous market in the country.

A traditional rich land

People respect the cultural character and long-standing customs of a country; therefore, I feel myself growing love from the most familiar with ages. I just grew up one age when taking part in Vieng market festival. I am very proud of this traditional festival because of its ancient, originality and famousness.

Organized time of Vieng market

I have a date worth remembering when I act as tour guide introducing a unique market for new acquaintances in my university. It is the first time they have travelled to Nam Dinh city.

Vieng spring market
Crowded atmosphere in the spring market

Vieng market festival which is launched on the annual 8th day of the first lunar month hold in both Nam Truc and Vu Ban districts, only once in a year. As the Vietnamese saying goes “Let ancestor leave but no one can miss the 8th Vieng market”. It means that the festival always have religious significance for the residents.

Religious beliefs

About 90km from Ha Noi capital, it is very easy to get festival location. We walked into the market instead of using motorbike and cars are forbidden to guarantee visitors’s safety and traffic jam. On the road, one friend asked me what the meaning of Vieng market was. On this vocation, I had a chance to talk what I have known. Every year, market opens at the midnight of 7th day and lasted a whole 8th day, it is named Hades market or Cau may market (wish for luck). Therefore, visitors come here to buy goods for praying for good fortune, happy family, rich crops and favorable weather.

Traditional custom

They also go to the pagodas and Phu Giay community to seek their fortune for the whole year. Vietnamese people have saying “Buying salt in the beginning of the year, buying lime in the end of the year” because salt is symbol for a warm affection and gratitude with the hope of a smooth year. Therefore, there are some salt departments in the gate of the market.

Salt for selling

The more we go to the market, the more I feel that the traditional culture is retained.

no over price or bargain
Buy “luck”- sell “risk”

In this market, buyers and seller do not make overprice or bargain. This is a special feature of traditional market which is not still preserved in many areas. According to their belief, they seemed to hold religious thought that only buy or sell one small thing, they will have luck, health and richness when coming back home.

Abundance of good products

Market- goers can find a thousand of another tools attaching to daily life such as the mattock, plough and sickle. Besides, the most favored thing to buy is burned veal which is considered as the gift for the whole family. They are sold abundance along both sides to the market. The price is reasonable enough for allowance of people to buy. The cheapest things at Vieng are flowers and trees which bring happiness and lucky, especially, the trees are in bud.

Product at Vieng market

Under the light, the deals are agreed quickly as people believe it keep lucky at the midnight. If tourists feel hungry when watching lots of stalls, a bowl of Pho will be a good choice. They can see the special characteristic of pho Nam Dinh not confused with other regions. Vieng has not only traditional stall but also amusement park like darts or statue painting.

Noodle soup with rare beef
Nam Dinh Pho

The stamp of Vieng market

After choosing some trees in individual, we continued to go to Phu Giay and prayed for year. Vieng market is a perfect place to relax and meet people from different provinces.

Although many Vu Ban people travelled anywhere, they always remembered the folk-son:

“Enjoy the new year at home on the 1st

Engaging festival at communal house on the 2nd

Going to Qua Linh market on the 4th

Trinh market on the 5th and Goi market on the 6th

The 7th is time for taking a rest

Travelling to the Vieng market on the 8th

Because it just take place only once a year

The hat you worn by my money”.



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