[The fairy tale] This is my wisdom

This is my wisdom

(The fairy tale)


Once upon a time, there was a big tiger in a forest. He often went out from his forest to find his food. One day, the tiger went from the forest to a nearby field and he saw a farmer and a plowing buffalo. The tiger was very astonished to see the farmer sometimes beat the butt of the buffalo although the buffalo was plowing so hard. Because of his extreme curiosity, the tiger hid in the nearby bushes and waited until noon. When the farmer put the plow off the buffalo for rest, and then he came nearby and asked the buffalo:

– Hey Mr. Buffalo, I see that you are so strong. Why do you have to suffer from such bad treatments from man?

The buffalo whispered to the tiger:

– You see that the man is small, but he has wisdom.

Tiger had not understood yet, he kept asking:

– Wisdom? What is Wisdom? What does it look like, Mr. Buffalo?

The buffalo did not know how to explain clearly to the tiger, he said:

– Wisdom is wisdom, that’s all. If you want to understand more clearly, you should go and ask the man!

The tiger did not understand what the buffalo mean, so he went to the place where the farmer was resting, then asked the farmer:

– Hey man, where is your wisdom? Take out a little of your wisdom to let me see!

After thinking for a while, the farmer answered:

– Today I have to go for plowing my field, so I have left my wisdom at home. If you want to see them, you will have to wait for me to go home and bring them here. And in case you’d like, I will give you some of my wisdom.

The tiger happily and excitedly said:

– Well well. That’s fine.

The farmer continued:

– But while I went home, what if you eat my buffalo? What should I have to do then?

While the tiger was thinking about what to do, the farmer kept saying:

– I have this idea! You let me tighten you into that tree, and then I can go to my home to bring you my wisdom without any nervous. After that, I will untie you and we will together see my wisdom.

Hearing about the wisdom, the tiger was so happy that he couldn’t think anything else. He quickly agreed with the idea of the farmer. He said:

– That’s sound good. I will not be able to eat your buffalo, so that you can assuredly go home and bring your wisdom here.

The tiger said and smile happily. The farmer took a rope to tighten the tiger into the tree. Then he laughed loudly:

– Now I will go and bring you some wisdom.

While the tiger keep thinking about his seeing the wisdom without any doubt, the farmer went around, collected a lot of dry rice straw, and then piled them around the tree. After that, he put on the fire, and shouted loudly:

– You see? Here is my wisdom. This is my wisdom!

  • This is my wisdom
    This is my wisdom

Seeing the tiger were being burned, the buffalo excitedly laughed and kept rolling on the grass, unfortunately, he hit his entire teeth on the nearby rock. So from then on, the buffalo hadn’t had any teeth at all.

The tiger was still struggling in the fire, trying to run out but he couldn’t do that with the rope around him. After a long time, when the fire was greater, the rope was cut off, then the tiger could escape from the fire and quickly ran into the forest. From then on, the tiger has never dared to come back or gone out of the forest again.

And it is also from the time that the Tiger was fooled by human with burning his hair, his body has been not on full yellow as before. The baby tiger are born are all with long stripes on their bodies. That is the result of the burning made by the farmer.  And the buffaloes have only gums with no teeth on the upper gum.

The Fairytale “This is my wisdom” explains us why the buffalo have no upper teeth and why the tiger have stripes on their bodies. The story also praises the power of wisdom and intelligence. The story teaches us to study hard so that we can be more intelligent and smarter in the future.

– Translated by Anh Cao

– Edited and posted by Hai Yen-

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