The life of Tho people in Nghe An, Vietnam

Living places and career

Similar to Kinh people or Muong people, Tho people belongs to Tho ethnic that is included in 54 Vietnamese ethnics, they also have Austroasiatic cultural language like Cheut people. Tho people live in Western region of Nghe An province, Vietnam, there are some districts such as Con Cuong, Nghia Dan, Tan Ky.

Gong in the spiritual life of Tho ethnic, Nghe An
Gong in the spiritual life of Tho ethnic, Nghe An


The main production activity of Tho people is cultivation, a few people are highly developed in farming. Rice is the most important food crop, followed by cassava and corn. In addition to livestock and agricultural production, Tho people are very good at hunting and fishing. Hunting and gathering are only popular in some living area of Tho ethnic, but they are the jobs that have contributed significantly to reduce the difficulties in their lives.


Regarding social organization, Tho people live in villages just like Kinh people, each village has a headman that is elected by the residents annually. The costume is quite similar to Kinh people’s, especially, the women have free style of dressing, you can meet Tho women dress like Thai, Muong people or other women in other ethnics.

Tho people in daily life
Tho people in daily life


An interesting marriage custom of Tho people is that they are not restricted in love. In other words, in festivals or some events, a couple of man and woman can get to know each other and sleep together freely. However, they are not allowed of having sex before marriage. Marriage of Tho people usually has quite a lot of steps and the wedding gifts require 100 silver coins, 30 m2 of fabric, 6 baskets of sticky rice and a pig. When it comes to funeral, it is quite complex and costly. Tho people usually worship ancestor, gods, ghost as well as the warrior gods.

Tho people have their own unique musical instruments
Tho people have their own unique musical instruments


Similar to other ethnics in Vietnam, Tho ethnic has many traditional stories that include fairy tales, legends were passed down through many generations. Until now, Tho people still conserve many folk songs as well as unique traditional dance such as “Du du dieng dieng”, “En en ac ac”.

In addition, beside some popular musical instruments like flute and trumpet, Tho people have their own unique musical instruments which are Tho guitar and “Tinh tang” guitar.

Learn Vietnamese words:

– musical instrument: nhạc cụ

– legend: huyền thoại, truyền thuyết

– custom: phong tục

– costume: trang phục


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