Nha Trang, natural beauty of beach!

It is not by chance that Vietnam’s poets and composers make Nha Trang as his inspirations, but its beauty. Numerous songs of Nha Trang were written by famous composers such as “Nho Nha Trang” by Minh Ky, “Nha Trang Thu” and “Ta nghe Nha Trang” by Pho Duc Phuong, and “Nha Trang ngay ve” by Pham Duy.

Nha trang beach in the morning
Nha trang beach in the morning

Nha Trang Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Nha Trang with the tropical beach, white sand and blue sea is the best destination for beach lovers that you should visit one time in your life. Nha Trang beach stretching 6 – 7 km in the area of 500 km2. With poetic landscapes, the beach easily makes choosy visitors have a pleasure. Visitors get extreme relaxation when swimming in the cool blue sea water or having sunbath on the white sand.

The beach has the most spectacular scenery in the light of sunset. The sea surface looks like a mirror of the sunset sky changing color from blue, yellow, orange, red, purple and dark. On the sea, colorful waves are chasing to others to the white seashore and from the sky, birds with wingspread are becoming tiny on the horizon and disappear.

Besides the loving beach, tourists can visit others such as Hon Mun, an ecosystem with 350 spices of coral, taking 40% global coral spices, Hon Mieu with Tri Nguyen Aquarium, Bat Cave, Swallow Island, Long Son pagoda and so on.

Nha Trang beach in the afternoon
Nha Trang beach in the afternoon

The memorial experience for those who are falling in love is walking on Nha Trang beach at dawn and waiting the appearance of the sun. In the gentle light from the horizon, the sky and the sea are covered with a silver color. Spending time walking in such scenery, breathing fresh air, giving sweet words even without words is really awesome for romantic couples.

Nha Trang beach with two contrary images

This place has two contrary images, busy beach and peaceful beach. In daytime, the beach is filled with black heads and bright color heads, the joking words when talking about a great number of tourists from Europe and America to this place. People gather and do all kinds of beach activities.
In the contrary, the beach almost is empty in nightlife, remains its external peaceful natural beauty with wind, sand and water. At this time, you easily listen to the rhythms of the beach and feel the cool salty wind from the ocean.

The beauty and tourism activities in Nha Trang surely do not make you feel disappointed. What else are you looking for in Nha Trang where can make you relax, enjoy and full fill your own emotions.

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