Kinh people – The most populous ethnic in Vietnam

General information

Vietnamese people community includes 54 different ethnics, in which, Kinh ethnic, also known as “Vietnamese people” accounted for nearly 90% of the population of Vietnam. Kinh people are distributed throughout 61 provinces and cities, but mostly they live in plain and urban areas. As residents have longstanding indigenous origin and development from primitive times, Kinh’s ancestry has definitely settled in the Northern and North Central areas. During the history of Vietnam, Kinh people always are pioneer in calling other groups of people for building and protecting the country.

Vietnamese people
Vietnamese People in “national flag” shirts
Economy of Kinh people – Thousands years of development
Sai Gon city in Vietnam
Sai Gon city in Vietnam


When it comes to economy, since Kinh people emerged from a primitive life, they discovered metals, processed working tools made of iron and utensils made of copper. Since then, Kinh people have created an ancient Vietnamese civilization, taking agriculture as the leading industry of the country and successfully exploited the fertile plains. Along with agriculture, Kinh people also have make a lot of traditional crafts, needed goods for life, housing as well as facilities for living. Kinh’s economy is considered as representative economy of Vietnam, that is the economy of agriculture combined with traditional handicrafts.

Kinh’s society
A corner of a village in Vietnam
A corner of a village in Vietnam


Regarding society, after no longer living in the caves, Kinh people have created another place to settle called “village”. Each village has a temple for every to come and worship. About housing, houses of Kinh people usually have 3 or 5 parts, central of the house is the most solemn part where family’s altar is put.

Kinh’s culture

Kinh is one of ethnics which has reached level of brilliant civilization of all time. In all kinds of cultures which are material culture, spiritual culture and behavioral culture, Kinh people always create the identities for themselves, acquire selective advantages from other civilizations to enrich their culture. Just taking religious culture as an example. Vietnam has the veneration of the dead and acquired many religions such as: Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Catholicism, and so on. All of penetrated cultures were modified to be suitable with people’s life, expressing rich and diverse culture.

The One Pillar Pagoda
The One Pillar Pagoda – Symbol of Hanoi Capital, Vietnam


In culture, the literary and art creation from traditional to modern are also very typical feature of Kinh people. In which, folk literature and art have variety of genres: fairy tales, folk songs, proverbs, so on. which reflect all aspects of people’s life. Thanks to the great contribution of folk literature, national identity has been preserved for a long time. In addition, literature has gained great achievements in the Ly-Tran period and especially after the fifteenth century with many genius writers, for instance: Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Du, Ho Xuan Huong. The arts such as fine art, music, drama also were highly developed and were professionalized.

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    Hạn chế dùng chữ viết tắt trong bài viết. Vd. Etc thay bằng “anh so on”
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  2. Which, in which là mệnh đề quan hệ với vế trước mà sao lại tách ra thành một câu độc lập với câu trước?
    Discovery metal. Việc khám phá ra kim loại là chuyện quá khứ rồi mà, mình nên chia ở quá khứ thôi. Không chia ở hiện tại hoàn thành
    Làm từ vật liệu gì đó thì dùng Made of. Made by là làm bởi gì đó mà.
    Great contribution, không phải great contribute. Theo ngữ lúc này contribute lúc này phải là danh từ thì nên chuyển thành contribution.

  3. Kinh people also have make a lot of traditional crafts. Động từ “have make” chia sai.
    needed goods –> necesary goods
    “Kinh people have created”. “Kinh people always create ” People ở đây nghĩa là 1 dân tộc thì là chia số ít chứ
    “Just taking religious culture as an example.” câu này không có động từ.
    “be suitable with people’s life”. –> be suitable to something
    “Kinh people. In which, folk” (Which, in which là mệnh đề quan hệ với vế trước mà sao lại tách ra thành một câu độc lập với câu trước?). Sau “in which không có dấu phẩy. EX: Kinh contributes to the Vietnamese literacy in which poems is well known.
    “…proverbs, so on. which reflect all aspects ” Which ở đầu câu này không rõ nghĩa. –> cần cấu trúc lại

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