Interesting differences between Vietnamese custom and Western custom

There are a lot of differences between Vietnamese custom and Western custom. From a unique and funny angle of view, the following album will highlight the main differences between the two cultures.

1. The way to express personal opinions

the way to express personal opinion - vietnamese custom
In most cases, the Westerners are not afraid of displeasing other people – Collected photo

The Westerners have a blunt way of speaking and go straight to the point.

In contrast, Vietnamese people often have a roundabout way of saying. They attach much importance to the flexible language.

2. Lifestyle

lifestyle - vietnamese custom
The Western people live more independently than Vietnamese people – Collected photo

The Western people are more self-dependent than the Vietnamese.

3. Punctuality

punctuality - vietnamese custom
Sometimes, it is acceptable for a person to be a little bit late in Vietnam – Collected photo

Punctuality is very important in the meetings of the Westerners. People do not have to come early but coming late is really impolite and unprofessional.

It is a little bit different in Vietnamese custom because people sometimes can be flexible about time.

4. Boss

boss - vietnamese custom
Boss is a “giant” in Vietnam – Collected photo

In the West, there is only a difference between the boss and the staff which is the boss has a higher position, a higher impact and higher salary.

In opposite, a boss in Vietnam is considered a “giant”.

5. Relationship

relationship - vietnamese custom
The relationship among Western people is more simple than it is among Vietnamese people – Collected photo

Generally, the relationship among Vietnamese people is more complicated than the Westerners’.

6. The way to express emotion

the way to express emotion - vietnamese custom
If I smile, it does not always mean that I am happy – Collected photo

The Vietnamese seem to be better in hiding emotion.

7. “Queuing culture” in Vietnamese custom

queuing culture - vietnamese custom
Queuing culture in Vietnam need to be more popular – Collected photo

In big cities in Vietnam, “queuing culture” is familiar with everybody. However, in general, queuing habit has not become “a default Vietnamese custom” in society yet.

8. Ego

ego - vietnamese custom
The difference between the ego of the Vietnamese and the Westerners – Collected photo

The Westerners appreciate the ego, personal capacity and personalities. They require others to respect everything related to personal affair.

In Vietnamese custom, people highly appreciate the modesty. To be more specific, that people forget their ego is considered as a virtue.

9. Party

party - vietnamese custom
Difference in party culture – Collected photo

In most parties, the Westerners often stand in small groups whereas Vietnamese people always sit in a big group.

10. The noise in public areas

the noise in public areas - vietnamese custom
In public areas, the Westerners are very polite – Collected photo

Western people are very afraid of talking loudly in public areas. For examples, in restaurants, they only speak loud enough for opposite people to hear.

11. Ideal beauty

ideal beauty - vietnamese custom
The contrary ideal beauty – Collected photo

Most people in Vietnam want to have a white skin while brown skin is more popular in the West.

12. Children in family

children in family - vietnamese custom
Western children are more independent than Vietnamese children – Collected photo

In the West, children are equal to other family members because they have their own rights and duties. Certainly, they are more independent than Vietnamese children.

13. Meals

meals - vietnamese custom
In Vietnam, there are 3 equal meals in a day – Collected photo

The Westerners often have fast-food for breakfast and dinner.

In Vietnam, dinner mostly includes rice, meat, soup and fish. Especially, this kind of meal is very typical in Vietnamese custom.

14. Life of the old

life of the old - vietnamese custom
Different life of the old in Vietnam and the old in the West – Collected photo

The old in the West: strolling with dogs

In Vietnam: the old usually stroll with children.

15. Bathing

bathing - vietnamese custom
The contrary bathing habit – Collected photo

Western people: bathing in the morning before going to work.

Vietnamese people: bathing before going to sleep at night.

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