Exploring the special culture of Muong people

Muong ethnic (also called Mol, Mual, Moi) has population of slightly over a million people, it is one of 54 ethnics in Vietnam. Muong people has lived in some provinces such as Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa, Phu Tho for a long time ago. When it comes to historical origin, Muong and Kinh people are cognate.

Muong people in a festival
Muong people in a festival


Muong’s Society

Together with Kinh people and Cheut people, Muong’s language is included in Austroasiatic cultural language group. Muong people usually live in mountains, where have many productive lands and are convenient for their jobs. Traditionally, they use rice as their main food and live on agriculture. Besides, they also go hunting, fishing, gathering and handicrafts producing for living. About social organization, Muong people live in villages separately and they prefer house on stilts. When you visit the village of Muong people, you will see the house on stilts is leaning against the hills, facing the immense green fields and there are a lot of trees around the house.

Muong people are weaving their traditional costume
Muong people are weaving their traditional costume

Muong people are very famous for the way they cook wine. This kind of wine (named “Cần” in Vietnamese) has great flavor of yeast, it is often used to drinking in receptions and Muong people’s parties. Regarding traditional costumes, the women wear turban and short white blouse, black dress with a lot of interesting patterns. Marriage and funeral ceremony are quite similar to Kinh people. However, Muong people’s funeral ceremony is quite complicated and expensive.


Muong people have a plentiful folk culture with a lot of categories, for example long poems, “mo” card, fairy tale, folk, proverbs, and more. “Cồng” is a typical music instrument of Muong people, there are also flute, drum, trumpet. Muong’s folk songs include many genres such as “Thuong dang” (sing when people move to a new house), “bo meng” (duet for man and woman), “Nghe nga – Ut lot” (epic). Specially, we have to mention traditional “Mo” songs of Muong people, those songs are performed by witch-doctors during a funeral. Furthermore, Muong ethnic has many famous fairy tales like “De dat de nuoc” and “Len troi”. The book “Mo – Epic of Muong ethnic” with over 2000 pages is invaluable of Muong people as well as Vietnam country. Besides, diverse folk dances also greatly contribute for the specialty of Muong culture such as wrestle dance, flower dance, and so on.

"Cồng" - Typical musical instrument of Muong people
“Cồng” – Typical musical instrument of Muong people


Through many generations, Muong’s culture is still rustic and simple but unique, and Muong people are always strong as well as enthusiastic. Together with other ethnics in the country, Muong people will build cultural, spiritual life with more happiness, and develop a prosperous country in the future.


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