Da Lat, an attractive destination

Beautiful landscape in Dalat

General Information 

Da Lat is one of the most attractive places in Vietnam and located in the South Central Highland. Da Lat has a mild climate and fresh air, so it is very comfortable for its resident and visitors to live and to enjoy. It is well organized between human and nature. In Da Lat, human is immersed into lake, mountain and vegetation so it makes you feel peaceful and relax. As living closed to natural environment, you will have a good health and a prolonged life span. It also has numerous activities to take part in such as visiting the beautiful lake in the central city, Ho Xuan Huong Lake, going and seeing many kinds of flowers, nice waterfalls and pipe forest and enjoying fresh vegetables and fruits in its local farm and so on.


Transportation to Da Lat is popular, which is one of its advantages to attract visitors. You can go to Da Lat by plane, by train or by bus from Ho Chi Minh City. Among all kinds of transportation, bus is the best choice because of its low cost, convenience and high frequency. With 250 thousand VND, you can reach Da Lat within 8 hours from Ho Chi Minh City and there is one bus hitting a road every 30 minutes. You can take the bus in late evening to save the cost of a night of hotel and do not waste daytime hours traveling. A great number of people love traveling in this way.


How about cuisine in Da Lat? Da Lat is famous for barbecues, for example, grilled sweet potato, grilled rice paper and grilled meat. How fantastic it is when you are enjoying a tasty grilled sweet potato and grilled rice paper by the Ho Xuan Huong Lake in a cool night. Especially, if you love grilled meat, I recommend you a small restaurant named Cu Duc in Nguyen Luong Bang Street. In spite of its small size, it is very well-known for tasty and affordable foods.

Da Lat cuisine - Grilled meet at Cu Duc
Da Lat cuisine – Grilled meat at Cu Duc restaurant

I love Da Lat because of its own characteristics. It has nice climate, convenient transportation, and fantastic cuisine. Honestly, it is worth noting Da Lat in your list of travel destinations.

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