Cheut people – ethnic living in the caves

Living places and careers 

Cheut (“Chứt” in Vietnamese) ethic is one of 54 Vietnamese ethnics, they live in some communes of Minh Hoa district and Bo Trach district in Quang Binh province. From past to present, Cheut people live on agricultural nomadic farming (main career of Sach group included in Cheut ethic), livestock breeding, hunting and gathering. Excluding agriculture, besides popular career such as weaving handicraft, carpentry, etc., hunting and gathering are important careers of Cheut people because they are mainstay of living in crop final years.

Cheut people are working in the field
Cheut people live on argiculture

Cheut people usually settle and clustered into villages (called Ca Ven), but those villages are dispersed, each village has a headman who are elected by villagers, he or she usually is a chieftain of most respected ancestry in the village. Housing is often unsustainable for Cheut people, they used to stay in the strapping hut or in the caves; until 1954, the Ruc and Arem group still live in caves.



Dressing style of Chut people
Dressing style of Chut people

Cheut people did not know weaving, hence, in summer, the women wore skirts while the men always were in loincloths, bare-chested. In winter, they used tree bark to make shirt. Currently in Vietnam, Cheut people dress mostly like Kinh people.


They have sustainable conjugal relationship; the wedding is organized in bride family before the groom meet the bride and take her home. The most important wedding possesty are pigs, chicken and specially dried monkey meat. Funeral ceremony is held simple and affected mainly from Kinh people, it is usually organized for 3 days, then taken away for burial. After 3 days, the patriarch celebrates an evocation ceremony, since then the grave will be left not caring. In addition to ancestor worship, Cheut people also worship for ghosts: forest ghost, stream ghost, god of agriculture, kitchen ghost, etc. The agricultural ritual is usually performed as the seeding ceremony, after-seeding ceremony, harvest celebrations.

Traditional Arts


Flute - A traditional instrument of Cheut people
Flute – A traditional instrument of Cheut people

Cheut people have diverse traditional arts, for example: Ka Tum, Ka Lenh folk songs, folk tales with many different topics, instruments such as organ and flute, etc.


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